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Mukhallat Dehn Al Oud

Dehn Al Oud means "oud fat" in Arabic.

Oud fat comes from some types of trees in the forests of Southeast Asia.
To defend itself against external aggression or bacteria, the tree will secrete a deeply odorous viscous sap of dark color that is called in Arabia the "Dehn Al Oud".
The price per gram exceeds that of gold.

We sell in this category unique and rare free from alcohol compositions based on oud fat.

Mukhallat means "mixture" in Arabic.

The Arabs use the word "Mukhallat" to designate blends of flower essences and resins such as sandalwood, saffron, jasmine etc ... to elaborate scented compositions unique in the world.

We wanted to make our own "Mukhallat", designed in France and made by hand by our artisan perfumer with noble raw materials.

Welcome to Arabia.

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